The High Priestess - Ruled by The Moon

Light Energy: Intuitive, Wise, Empathetic, Virtuous 

Shadow Energy: Secretive, Disconnected from Intuition, Out of Balance Internally

Planetary Attributes: Emotions, Intuition, Psychic Abilities

You’re most likely someone who enjoys being up in the wee hours of the night, {FIRSTNAME}. 

It’s said that people who are drawn to this card are divinely connected to the spiritual realms, naturally waking up around “the witching hour” around 3:33 am. 

Embrace this, {FIRSTNAME}! 

The High Priestess’s planetary ruler is the Moon and it’s sending all of its divine feminine energy to you as a heavenly gift. 

You’re extremely intuitive and your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors that wish to see you fulfill your divine soul mission are guiding you to get to know yourself on a deeper emotional level.

You might start to receive messages in your dreams, so be sure to keep a pen and pad by your bedside at night. 

The Universe is trying to hint that a big decision is coming your way, but in order for you to make the right decision, you must learn to trust yourself first. 

The challenge is to see past others’ ulterior motives and to do what’s going to keep you on your divine soul path. 

If you find this difficult to do, it might help to look back on the card that comes before The High Priestess, which is The Magician card. This might remind you of how far you’ve come on your journey. 

The Magician brings forth the energy of alchemy through the power of your mind. It’s important that you always take this lesson with you on your spiritual path: you are a co-creator in this divine Universe.

In order to truly move forward to the next phase of your life, which happens to bring the energy of the Empress, you must remember that creation starts in the mind and that your intuition (in which you’re getting attuned to now) will direct you towards your divine path. 

Try to rely more on your heart at this stage in your journey, {FIRSTNAME}.